Árima is publicly committed to obtaining certifications that ensure the highest standards across the portfolio in terms of sustainability, health and safety and connectivity, reflecting the commitment to the highest quality standards in our portfolio.

Roadmap for portfolio certification1

Asset Sustainability Wellbeing & Connectivity
Habana LEED Gold WELL Platinum
Pradillo LEED Platinum WELL Platinum / WIREDSCORE
Botanic LEED Platinum WELL Gold
Ramírez de Arellano BREEAM Very Good n.a.
Play LEED Gold n.a.
Cadenza LEED Gold WELL Platinum
Dune LEED Platinum WELL Platinum
Guadalix BREEAM Very Good n.a.
Torrelaguna LEED Gold n.a.
In progress

(1) Pre-certification LEED Platinum Pradillo and LEED Torrelaguna obtained in the first semester of 2024.