Key Sustainability Indicators

Árima has defined a series of key indicators that allow annual monitoring of the sustainability performance of the portfolio and ensure quality, tenants' well-being and contribution to the preservation of the environment.

Sustainable certification

% portfolio to be certified (LEED/BREEAM)

Energy production

portfolio % with facilities for the production of renewable energy

Green energy

% occupied portfolio powered by renewable energy in common areas (Guarantee of Renewable Origin)

Accessible properties

% of portfolio offering fully accessibility

(2) Based on certifications obtained at the date of publication.

Average energy and water consumption

Offices consumption
134.60 kwh/sqm/yr 2022
156.37 kwh/sqm/yr 2021

Average energy consumption

0.26 m3/sqm/yr 2022
0.19 m3/sqm/yr 2021

Average water consumption

Logistics consumption
210.34 kwh/sqm/yr 2022
255.72 kwh/sqm/yr 2021

Average energy consumption

1.65 m3/sqm/yr 2022
1.58 m3/sqm/yr 2021

Average water consumption

Carbon footprint3
20.9 kgCO2e/sqm/yr 2022
29.8 kgCO2e/sqm/yr 2021

Average CO2 emissions

(3) Considering average annual occupancy, as described in our decarbonization strategy.